General information

The Kennedylaan in Eindhoven will be transformed into Park Hilaria, a temporary amusement park, from 2 August to 11 August. In addition to more than a hundred spectacular and nostalgic fairground attractions, Park Hilaria offers lively pavement cafés and live performances on various themed squares. This varied mix guarantees great summer entertainment for all ages.

opening hours

Friday and Saturday        from 2pm to 12:30 am 
Sunday unitil Thursday   from 2pm to mindnight

Sensory friendly hours: Monday 6 August from 2pm tot 4 pm


Admission to the park is free of charge. The live performances in Hollario are also open to all visitors without charge. Visitors are not permitted to bring alcoholic beverages into the park and consume them there.



The nearest ATM is located in Central Station Eindhoven.



You can park your car at the University of Technology area (TU/e). Follow the signs directing towards the city centre and follow Tu/e. The day rate is 10 euros per day.

Traffic diversions

Near Kennedylaan, traffic at the ring road in Eindhoven has to take traffic diversions into account during Park Hilaria.

A part of Kennedylaan, between Vincent van den Heuvellaan and ring road, is closed for traffic starting July 26th. Traffic coming from Kennedylaan heading north of the city centre will be detoured via Onze Lieve Vrouwestraat, Insulindelaan, Professor Doctor Dorgelolaan. Coming from the city centre heading north, traffic will be detoured via Professor Doctor Dorgelolaan, Insulindelaan, Onze Lieve Vrouwestraat.

From August 2nd until August 11th, the Woensel Watermolen area will be closed as well. Only local traffic is allowed to enter the area.

public transport

Park Hilaria is easily accessible by train or bus. The area is at walking distance from Central Station. Travel information can be found at



To make sure that everybody has a good time at Park Hilaria, there are certain rules of conduct at the fairground area. Violating these rules, access to the area can be denied.

1. It is prohibited to violate the order and rules of conduct
2. It is prohibited to take a (motor)bike or vehicle at Park Hilaria
3. It is prohibited to sell goods at the area without explicit consent of Park Hilaria
4. It is prohibited to organise any kind of promotional activities at or near the Park Hilaria area without explicit consent of Park Hilaria
5. Improper behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated
6. We will keep Park Hilaria clean
7. Your stay at Park Hilaria is at your own risk

and additionally:

8. Return visits are appreciated
9. Enjoy yourself as much as you can!


Bike parking facilities

You can park your bike at the secure bike parks near the main entrance at the city centre side of Park Hilaria and near the entrance at the north side. The daily rate is € 1,00 per bike and € 1,50 for mopeds / scooters / motorcycle.


There are plenty of taxis available which will take you right home. You can find the taxis near the main entrance at Vincent van den Heuvellaan.


Disabled parking space

The disabled parking space can be found at Rachelsmolen at the Fontys area. You can reach this parking space via Rachelsmolen, coming from Montgomerylaan.