Park Hilaria keeps surprising you

From August 2nd until August 11th 2019, Kennedylaan in Eindhoven transforms into Park Hilaria. Over one hundred spectacular and nostalgic fairground attractions, live performances and many food and drink areas will guarantee a fun day out for all ages.

Park Hilaria has started in 2002 and has become a well-known formula in Eindhoven and its surroundings. The temporary amusement park is so much more than a fairground. It is summer entertainment for all ages. Project manager Mariola Scheepstra, Park Hilaria organiser at Eindhoven247: 

From far away, the fairground attractions are noticeable, but additionally, Park Hilaria also offers lots of live performances at various theme areas. This varied mix creates a unique atmosphere that appeals to a large audience.

Fun for all ages

Not a speed-devil? Don’t worry, Park Hilaria offers a great variety of nostalgic attractions. The little ones can meet Park Hilaria’ mascot ‘Larie Canary’ and his feathered friends.   


Again this year, you can visit Hollario for free. At Hollario, live performances of Dutch artists keep up a lively atmosphere. Are you a fan of German Schlager music, beers and German sausages? Visit the German Beer Garden. After that, it’s easy to kick back and relax at the Dutch ‘Poffertjes’ stall, the Wild West, Tapas Terrace or at one of many food and drink areas at Park Hilaria.